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The Heroes Of WWII

Hello, and welcome to The Heroes of WWII.

This site is dedicated to all of the men and women that have served our country, in all wars past and present, but especially to WWII.  WWII in my opinion is one of the most fascinating, all encompassing events in history.  It involves everything from the rise and fall of power, corruption, horrific acts on mankind, manufacturing, economic stimulus, industrial advancement, scientific advancement, and the beginning of the nuclear era. There has been no greater conflict in the world since.

There are two reasons I started this site. 

Develop a collection of personal stories of veterans of WWII

The first is the service of my Great Grandfather William L. Garland and my Great Grandfather Lucious G. McLauchlin. 
William Garland served in the 405th Bomb Squad the Green Dragons, 38th Bombardment Group, 5th Army Air Force.  When he passed I came into possession of his patches and pins.  I would like to thank my aunt Anita, as she gave me his other belongings which included his WWII photo album.  William Garland is the 3rd man from the right in the main picture of this site.
Lucious G McLauchlin was a doctor and served with 79th Infantry division.  He was killed in the line of duty June 20th 1944, and was awarded the Silver Star for Galantry.  I would like to thank my Aunt Bonnie for providing the picture and documentation for Lucious.  I still need to get to her house and take pictures of his uniform.  When I do I will post pictures of that as well.
You can read more about both on the Veteran Stories Page.
As a result of their service, I have decided to start this website in memory of them and all of the other heroes of WWII that you will not read about in the history books.  
I also want to honor the all the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, for our freedom in all conflicts.  

 • Collect, organize and preserve a collection of WWII artifacts and archival materials      

The second reason is to preserve history, and also to help anyone that I can.  That help could be in the form of information, copies of pictures, or even replacing patches, pins, or medals.  On this site you will find images of my Great Grandfather's album, pictures of his personal effects, and also things he brought back from the war.  As time permits I will label all the pictures with the name of the men who are in the pictures, if he labeled them.  I have also posted pictures from Abraham A. Soper's picture album.  I will label those as well.  Abraham A. Soper served in the 71st Bomb Squad (The Wolf Pack), 38th Bombardment Group, 5th Army Air Force in WWII.  I purchased his album on eBay, because he was at the same place as my Great Grandfather, and I was hoping that my Great Grandfather may be in some of his pictures, unfortunately he is not.  I would like to acquire things from anyone in the 405th, 71st, 822nd, and 823rd Bomb Squads from the 38th Bomb Group, as a result of William L Garlands service.

On this site you will find pictures and history of men and women that fought in WWII.  You will see some of my collection, US, German, Japanese, and also things that have been donated to this site.  If you have items from WWII, and would like to have them preserved for everyone enjoy, please don't hesitate to contact me.  You are welcome to donate them, or if you are interested in selling them, I would be happy to purchase them and add them to this site.  All items that are donated, or that I purchase will be posted on this site with as much information about them as I can gather.  If I don't have something listed correctly, or you have more information about it, please contact me, and I will update the information.
Any items that are donated WILL NOT BE resold, like some people do.

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